Are you using Kashflow Accounting in your Business?

Kashflow makes it a breeze to find the online tools you need to run your business. Say goodbye to manual data entry and connect to an ecosystem of quality third-party apps that seamlessly integrate with Kashflow.

You can get point-of-sale software that sends your sales information automatically through to your accounts in Kashflow. There’s also workflow management software that pushes invoices and bills directly into Kashflow. These and hundreds of cloud apps will help you run your business.

We’ve made the marketplace easily searchable, allowing you to find just what you need from hundreds of available Add-ons. Search by keyword, or browse by category or industry. You can then view user ratings and reviews to help with your decision.

Simply sign up to the app you need and authorise a secure connection with Kashflow. The application will then guide you through any further configuration that may be needed. And just like that, Kashflow and your cloud applications are working together, helping you do business.

So have a good look around and choose which cloud software you need to help your small business run like a dream.