Looming Tax Return Date – Are You Prepared?

Accountancy firm GM & Co are gearing up for a busy few weeks supporting businesses and individuals across the UK, with their tax return submission. Easily the busiest time of year for many accountants, the self-assessment deadline set by HMRC is 31st January 2018, and requires all self-assessment tax returns to be filed on or before this date to avoid late submission penalties starting at £100 and rising for further late submission offences.

Established accountants GM & Co who are based in Halesowen, West Midlands, are equipped to deal with a variety of types of tax returns for businesses and individuals across the West Midlands. The team are preparing for a busy few weeks as the tax return deadline at the end of January 2018 looms. Supporting businesses with their tax returns requires knowledgeable GM&Co staff to deal with a company’s tax affairs, pensions, benefits and expenses, and manage capital gains and investments. The team will calculate a business’s tax position, complete all relevant tax return documents and file the return online to HMRC. What makes GM&Co that little bit different from other accountants however is that they will also help businesses to make sense of the whole tax return process if need be. Besides explaining the process in detail and providing copies of all documentation, they will also endeavor to answer any tax queries and questions thoroughly and in a manner that can be easily understood.

Partner Graham Cook explains, ‘Tax returns are another complicated and time-consuming administrative task which often gets pushed aside or overlooked by small business owners. Penalties from HMRC for late submission can be disastrous to small businesses. Here at GM&Co. we value the hard-earned money belonging to our clients which is why we make it our business to get their tax returns submitted on time with minimal stress and hassle.’ He adds ‘We pride ourselves on providing down to earth, no nonsense, friendly accountancy support. Our clients have full peace of mind that their financial affairs are being properly managed and that their tax liability is minimised, or refund maximised, and that both are correctly calculated.’

The 31st January 2018 is an important date in the GM&Co calendar as this is the deadline for online Self-Assessment return for the tax year ended on 5th April 2017. This is also the deadline for paying all remaining Self-Assessment taxes due for tax year ended 5 April 2017 and making first payments on account for the tax year ending 5 April 2018. Working across the whole of the West Midlands, plus with clients as far afield as Devon, Cornwall, Yorkshire and Surrey, the team offer specialist accountancy services to established companies as well as to those just starting out who are looking to successfully build their business.

For support with your tax returns or to find out more about GM&Co.’s range of accountancy services, please call 0121 550 8509 alternatively email info@godfreymansell.co.uk.