Business Growth

Accountancy packages

Flexible support for your business

For your business to be successful knowledgeable and experienced staff can be the key. In some cases, this might mean outsourcing certain aspects of a business so that you can benefit from the skills and expertise of other professionals. Here at GM & Co our passion is to see you succeed which is why we offer a wide range of services and contacts to help with the management and finances of your business.

Here at GM & Co, we can create tailor-made support packages that include a variety of different services not just covering accounting and finance but such as HR, Legal, Insurance, Health and Safety and Pensions and investments through our network of experienced professional contacts, all with proven track records. Besides offering a unique pay-as-you-go type service where you use us as and when needed, at the other end of the spectrum we can handle all of your bookkeeping, payroll, and accounting requirements, plus our Strategic Management level Financial Director and Business Consultancy services based around the hands-on time served experience in Commerce and Industry of our senior partner Graham Cook. This type of offering, expertise and commercially experience is rarely available outside of the larger and more pricey firms .In between these extremes are a range of flexible support packages which ensure your business gets the right support it needs whilst importantly making sure you remain within budget.

To talk through our various accountancy support packages and to determine what’s required by your business, please call us on 0121 550 8509 or email


Successful business planning

Plan for success and plan for growth

A good business strategy sets out your longer term objectives and most importantly how the business needs to be structured, funded and monitored to achieve those desired outcomes. These plans will include details about the purpose of the business, control measures to monitor the extent to which shorter term objectives are being achieved and what remedial action options are available if needed to get the business back on course towards those longer term goals. This includes financial budgets and forecasts to ensure the business is sufficiently swell funded and gives huge confidence to lenders and investors.

In order to develop a successful business plan, you’re likely to need help from experienced accountants who specialise in that area. Our professional and knowledgeable staff have over 30 years’ experience at executive board level in financial and business development roles and have written many a business plan! Whether you’re a small business just starting out or an established company looking to review your business plan we know exactly what needs to be included and have the skills to support you.

For help writing or reviewing your business plan and for honest professional advice from experienced staff, please call us on 0121 550 8509 or email Graham at