Business plan completion

Strategic planning to achieve your goals

Business plans are formulated to help you create a clear direction for your business moving forward. Often business owners are focused on the day-to-day running of the company and need support in planning for the future. At GM&Co we help build a solid business plan that acts as the blueprint to the success of your business. Outlining specific objectives and milestones allowing progress to be easily tracked, we can guide you every step of the way to achieve your goals.

Because of our practical 30 years’ business experience we always ensure your business targets are realistic and achievable, but also easy to understand and flexible. Our team at GM&Co have a wide range of skills and our business plan experts can help you to complete planning documents, making sure all necessary information is included. We can also assist you with business plans to apply for funding and investments.

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Growth strategy

Looking to grow the business but not sure how?

At GM&Co. we want to see you succeed. We are passionate about helping to grow all businesses, small, medium and large, which is why we offer a Growth Strategy Service. In what direction do you wish to take the business? How do you go about securing more business? When is the right time to expand? Our business growth strategy advice, provided by commerce and industry time served over 30 years] individuals, helps businesses to develop their strategy and organise appropriate finance in preparation for these next steps.

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Management accounts

Essential data to help with important business decisions

A prerequisite for any business, regular management accounts provide vital information to assist decision making and control for any business owner, be it small or large. Understanding the exact position of the business from both an internal and external Supplier and Customer viewpoint where the  the financial position of your company and importantly help you make decisions about your business going forward. In order to make informed decisions about the business, it is essential that certain financial and statistical data is readily available. Whether your business requires monthly, fortnightly or weekly accounting data, our accountants can help to collect and summarise the data you require in a manner that suits you.

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Make sure your staff are paid on time, every time…

In house-payroll can be an extremely confusing, time consuming and laborious task. With statutory payments, holiday pay, bonuses, overtime and pay rises making the task of paying employees extremely complex, outsourcing payroll to trained accountants is becoming a more popular option for small businesses.

Here at GM&CO we appreciate the importance of paying your employees the right amount of money at the right time. Outsourcing your payroll to GM&Co means that you benefit from trained staff overseeing the payment of wages. We ensure all payroll procedures and documentation is submitted and filed with HMRC on time, and since we’re aware of changing tax and employment legislation you don’t run the risk of being fined for noncompliance.

With state of the art payroll facilities and dedicated payroll staff, we’re able to efficiently pay your staff, leaving you free to concentrate on the day to day running of your business.

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VAT, TAX & self-employment registrations

Getting your tax affairs in order needn’t be a chore

Tax is a complex issue but getting your tax affairs in order doesn’t need to be difficult! Our friendly tax experts are knowledgeable in this field and stay abreast of constant changes in law so that they can advise accordingly. Confidentially looking over your accounts, they will calculate exactly how much tax you owe HMRC and ensure affordable payment plans are set up to pay any money owed.

Likewise, self-assessment tax returns, needed be a burden. Working to HMRC’s strict deadlines, we’ll gather the correct information from you and submit this to HMRC within plenty of time ensuring you avoid penalties for late submission. Our dedicated tax specialists will work with you to determine the best plan going forward so that your finances are structured in the most tax efficient way.

Businesses must be meticulous about VAT record-keeping.  All business transactions need to be recorded, and documents including bank statements, bills, receipts and cheque stubs must be filed and a summary of VAT for each tax period covered by your tax returns. For small businesses this can be very time-consuming task which is where we come in! GM&Co can take away the tedious VAT tasks ensuring you pay the right amount of VAT and leaving you time to concentrate on running the business.

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Regular Accounts Preparation (monthly / quarterly)

How profitable is your business?

A profit and loss account is a financial statement that shows a company’s income and expenses and is used by businesses to monitor performance and profitability. Third party suppliers and lenders often require this information as a term and condition of their support notwithstanding the need for business owners to know exactly where the business stands in terms of ability to remunerate them as individuals. If the business only makes £1 the owner can’t have £2! Specialist accountants here at GM & Co are experienced in preparing this information either on a monthly or quarterly basis to help you understand your business’s performance and to advise on practical solutions to improve profitability and cash flow.

For help acquiring accurate profit and loss accounts for your business, please call us on 0121 550 8509 or email

On-site business reviews

Want us to look over your finances?

Regardless of how long you’ve been in business, some aspects never seem to hit the radar. S management techniques and systems evolve alternative ways of doing things could increase the profitability of your business. A fresh and different pair of eyes can identify opportunities to improve business performance otherwise overlooked.

With both past and present diverse business interests including, buy to let property, retail, music and entertainment, architecture, construction and education as well as transport and logistics, the GM&Co team are equipped to work with businesses in just about every industry sector. We can confidently advise on the best ways to manage your business finances to improve profitability, streamline business operations and increase efficiency.

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VAT & MTD returns

Don’t get bogged down with VAT returns – leave that to us…

Businesses registered for VAT are usually required to submit a VAT Return to HMRC quarterly and included in your VAT return must be information regarding what the business has sold and purchased which computes the amount of VAT due either way. There are 4 different VAT rates and these cause untold headaches for business in knowing what rate to apply where. Here at GM &Co. our staff are tax experts and can assist with VAT documentation including VAT returns, yet another burden off your shoulders. Getting it wrong is  dangerous and expensive – HMRC don’t take any prisoners when they find errors!

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Statutory Year-end accounts

Accuracy is our main priority…

Successive Companies Acts have set out that Limited Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships must file annual accounts in a designated format. It has been suggested by a leading Accounting Standards expert and published author, that as many as 75% of these accounts filed at Companies House do not fully comply with requirements. Don’t be one of the unlucky ones selected for inspection which could easily land you a fine and additional costs for amendment and re-submission. Here at GM &Co we are fully regulated Chartered Accountants and Chartered Management Accountants and our institute can spot check at any time the standard of our work – we don’t do getting it wrong – ask our clients!

If you would like to find out how GM&Co.’s extensive experience in producing accurate year-end accounts could help save your business time and money please call us on 0121 550 8509 or email

Personal and company taxation services

Avoid penalties – let us manage your personal and company taxes…

Just about everything is taxable!!! Just think of the different types of tax… Income Tax, Capital gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, Stamp Duty and Land Tax, Corporation Tax, National Insurance, Insurance Premium Tax, Value Added Tax… to name but a few. So what fits and where? Ignorance is no defence and so it is important to think about where the [T]axe might fall on you. We can plan legitimate strategies to save you tax and to avoid you falling foul of the rules that can carry punitive penalties and interest in some cases more than doubling a tax bill.

With the added worry of penalties for late submission, we can manage your tax affairs so you can focus on running your business. For peace of mind that payment of mandatory taxes to HMRC have been taken care of, please call us on 0121 550 8509 or email

HMRC advice and negotiations

Here to act on your behalf and explain the technical jargon to you…

HMRC and Companies House requirements can be confusing especially for new start-up companies.  You’re not alone in finding tax matters a cause for confusion! As a business owner it’s your job to run your business, and it’s our job to ensure your finances and taxation liabilities are in order. We have a strong record and mutually respectful relationship with HMRC. This enables us to negotiate sensibly and professionally to resolve tax investigations with the minimum of stress for our clients. We have been able to achieve big reductions in amounts assessed to tax and understand the requirements, restrictions and legalities of all parties positions in these matters.  We’re more than happy to act on your behalf with your consent should there be any negotiations, queries or conversations to be had with HMRC – ‘know you adversary’ is where we score in these cases.

For confidential advice regarding matters concerning HMRC, please call us on 0121 550 8509 or email

Financial health checks

Investing in the future success of your business…

Having a financial health check is paramount for business growth. Whether there’s something you are looking to correct, or you simply want peace of mind that your finances are in good shape, then a financial health check from GM&Co. is the best place to start.

During an in-depth assessment of your finances, our dedicated staff will review your business plan besides combing through your financial statements, records and budgets and forecasts. We’ll check the organisation and accuracy of your records and should we find any discrepancies, advise on any corrective actions required.

To discuss the benefits of business finance health checks please call us on 0121 550 8509 or email